How To Approach Girls Fast – Apply The 5 Seconds R How To Approach Girls Fast – Apply The 5 Seconds Rule How To Approach Girls Fast – Apply The 5 Seconds Rule

How to approach girls fas
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Sadly, this ongoing problem persists as you read this. Men running low on courage to march up to the woman they’re attracted to, and not knowing how to snag her digits.

What usually happens is, the guy freezes the moment his eyes bear witness to his target’s racetrack curves. His hormones go on overdrive, and he silently squeals in excitement.

 Fast forward 10 seconds
Fast forward 10 seconds. The girl is gone, out of sight, and he hopes that their fate will cross sometime in the near future. That mentally I believe, is not how to approach girls with.

If this happens to you countless times, my only comment is… “You messed up before — don’t let it happen again.”

I’m going give you guys a powerful solution for this common predicament, but first, let’s tackle the root of the problem.

You see, most guys tend to succumb to hesitation or are frightened to present themselves due to the following common reasons

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 Fear of rejection
  • 1. Insufficient Value. They think they have nothing special or valuable to offer to the girl.
  • 2. Fear of rejection. Which explains why they will not step up to the plate and forever be chained to the bench.

    Little did they know, these are all self-inflicted hurdles. Whenever these feelings shoot through your veins, you are actually creating a reality that doesn’t even exist.

    Most guys who are afraid to approach women also like to over think the process; and the more they plan, the more unlikely they’ll make a move.

    They’re trapped in the act of “merely thinking,” or drowning themselves in a state of paralysis analysis.

    So really, before falling for these dysfunctional thoughts, why not approach the girl to find out what REALLY happens?

    Here’s how a confident and smooth guy thinks inside his head before approaching women.


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     Just do it
  • 1. He knows for one, that he is valuable. Only he is to judge who he is, not the girl.
  • 2. He welcomes rejections. After all, it’s all part of dating. The outcome cannot always be decked in your favor.
  • 3. “Nothing bad can really happen if I hit on the girl. What’s the worse thing that can happen? If she refuses to talk to me, there’s plenty of fishes out there who I know will.”
  • 4.“There’s no way I can let a girl like that get away without experiencing the super-bliss of having someone like me in her life.”
  • 5. “She’d never forgive me if she found out I didn’t give her that chance.”
    A man who doesn’t believe himself always believes in something else, in which they shouldn’t.

    For example, they believe that a woman’s opinion is more valuable and verifiable than their own.

    They think woman have the higher authority, and only they can decide whether or not a potential date can work.

    This creates a feeling of intimidation which withdraws men from approaching.

    Now, let me ask you guys…

    What do you really think of when you meet a woman you want to talk to?

    And… here are the three words you should live by before your next approach.

    Nike said it best. Just do it.

    Give yourself a 5 second rule before the wimp inside you wakes up to hold you back. That’s the best motivator if you want to know how to approach girls quick and get better at it.


     Act on the instant.
    However, be prepared with what you’re going to say to her also.

    Simply prepare several creative openers which may lead to a stimulative interaction.

    Things like, “Hey, I’m looking for a woman’s opinion on something. My friend is trying to meet his next girlfriend. Where do you think he should go to meet quality women?” always help to break the ice.

    Don’t give the wuss in you the opportunity to talk you out of approaching women and sabotaging your success with them.

    On top of that… harbor these thoughts next time you go on a hunt…

    “She’s not going to reject you. She’s not going to outwardly insult you either.”

    Never again, place your validation in a woman’s hands. She isn’t even qualified to do that. The only one that has the authority to judge who you are is yourself.

    And gentlemen, that’s how to approach girls like the pros do.


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